5 good reasons to send your child to programming

Useful articles
What is Python?
Interesting professions from IT sphere
Developer of Big Data models
The one who will create miracles. Or almost. ⠀
The person who creates the interface for data processing systems and models of their work.

Mobile developer
A person who develops mobile apps from and to. This area is already very popular and specialists are in demand. But this is not the limit, according to research, these indicators are growing every year. ⠀
Architect of information systems⠀
He creates databases and serves them, archives information and improves the space inside the network in every way. Interesting, isn't it?⠀

IT technologies sphere
It is certainly one of the most progressive specializations today. And even in a constantly developing labour market, it is safe to say that the skills that your child will receive in our programming school today will help you make a step towards a successful tomorrow.
Why your child should learn to code?
  • English. Part of the lessons is being held in English. It will give a child an opportunity to increase language level, learn to read technical documentation correctly and help to achieve success, perhaps even at the international level.

  • Math. Abstract concepts, probability theory, and accurate calculation are part of not only programming, but also mathematics. Our lesson includes 15-20 minutes math block the knowledge of which helps to solve real situations.
  • Creativity. It would appear that the activity in which there is no place to imagination - writing code, in fact, has a creative basis. After all, only in the course of experiments can achieve real results. ⠀⠀

  • Self-organisation. Writing a difficult program code need specific attention and concentration from children.⠀

  • Persistence. Overcoming the difficulties that arise in the course of learning programming bring up this quality in children and strengthen their character.
What skills do we develop in children
Of course, programming skills come first.
But that's not all!

In addition to them, your child will:
  • learn how to work in command
  • develop logics
  • can think spatially
  • learn how to build something new
  • develop your creativity and imagination
  • learn to plan
  • develop your analytic thinking
How we make children fall in love with coding
The best gift for the new year!
Make the best gift for your child - give him new knowledge!
Just for this purpose, we have gift certificates for courses.

Learning at the PROGY programming school is not only interesting, but also very fun! Our teachers will be able to interest everyone and, believe me, your child will be able to fall in love with programming literally from the first lesson.⠀

Who knows, maybe your child will already be able to show you their first computer game in the New year? And instead of a poem to Santa Claus, he will tell about the wonders of programming.

The time before the start of our first site is getting shorter! Write in messages and soon all your dreams will come true.⠀
Classes on our courses are held in a semi-game form.
This makes it doubly interesting for children to learn.
And isn't it great to create your own game that will only take place according to your rules?

We will teach your child how to do this. Children will be able to draw their own world and make any dreams and desires come true.

We offer not just dry definitions and boring lessons. We offer a creative process with an equally pleasant result.
Python - coding language that has huge advantages over other. Especially when it comes to children's education.

One of the Python goals - turn programming into an exciting process, make it simple and fun. Its rules are quite easy, which allows you to learn it in a relatively short time.

Even giant companies code in Python. Here are some examples:
1. Walt Disney studios use Python when writing animation in cartoons
2. Worldwide known YouTube and Instagram are written entirely in this programming language
3. One of the most popular games today - World of tanks is written with the help of Python
4. Even NASA uses it to automate some processes

You should know, coding - is absolutely various activity for children's education and development.
Offer your child to set an experiment
An interesting experience is to get acquainted with a new occupation in a playful way. Support him, reveal how many advantages there are in this activity, tell him about the prospects and future opportunities. If your child forms an interest in IT and coding, then absolutely every door is open to him.
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