Why it is easier to become a programmer than it seems

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Future programmer has two ways
of how to study and enter the sphere of programming:

The path from student to teacher

You won't become a programmer in one month because you'll need to study language as well as to have some experience. Time is what you'll need to invest, and you'll need it a lot.
Is it difficult to become a programmer?
Life of а programmer seems to be a fairytale. Imagination paints a picture of notebook, palms and ocean. Natural beauty. But when it comes to efforts which are needed to achieve such a picture, the fervour disappears instantly. It's because you need to study and work hard, so, everything is not so sweet as it seemed to be.
When knowledge is received, it's time to find a job and enter the sphere

The first job does not happen according to all the canons of IT: with large salaries and without mistakes. Accept the fact that your first job is to continue your studies. Here the junior programmer will experience all the charms of the profession. Will understand how the sphere works in General and fill in the gaps in knowledge.

When you can't get a job, go for an internship. It's not as pleasant as work. After all, the money will not be paid. But they will spend time on you, show you everything and tell you everything. This is a contribution to your future career.

And only after you have learned the basics and passed the test, the real path of the programmer begins. Now move up the steps inside the IT-sphere.

And achieve heights.

So why it's easier to become a programmer than it seems to be?

Look again at the algorithm of actions for getting a profession. If you leave out the details, it is no different from the algorithm for obtaining the profession of a milling cutter or business analyst. The essence is the same: study+time + practice= result.

Programming is not a parallel universe where everything happens differently. This is the same sphere as other spheres of human life. And you can learn to write codes just like you can learn to grow crops.

Programming languages are comparable to foreign languages. They have their own rules, their own logic, their own words. Only instead of the text from the pen comes out a working program. A program that solves specific tasks. So if you can talk, write, and read, then the codes will be up to you.

  • On your own. There are many resources on the Internet, including self-help guides with online tasks. If you have any questions, go to the topic forums. And then practice, practice, practice — and the cherished result.
  • Courses. It is easier to learn from practising programmers. You pay money, for this you are told everything from A to Z. This does not cancel independent work. Even if you go to classes every other day, be prepared to devote programming time and extra-curricular hours.
It is a common misconception that nothing will work without mathematics. But it's not that simple. Yes, programming is related to mathematics. Yes, the mathematical thinking will be an advantage. And at this stage potential it specialists give up: "I am a humanitarian. This is not for me."

The truth is that there are no limits and no clear limits. If you can see, think, and are willing to learn, this is enough to become a developer. Then it all depends on your persistency.
Who is this sphere for?
You should know, coding - is absolutely various activity for children's education and development.
Offer your child to set an experiment
An interesting experience is to get acquainted with a new occupation in a playful way. Support him, reveal how many advantages there are in this activity, tell him about the prospects and future opportunities. If your child forms an interest in IT and coding, then absolutely every door is open to him.
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